Katie Price: “I want her to die in a car crash or in a very painful way”

Remind us to NEVER get on the wrong side of her...

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Katie Price has revealed she still hasn’t forgiven ex-best friend Jane Pountney for sleeping with Kieran Hayler, and has said she wishes Jane dies a painful death.

Bloody hell, Pricey.

Jane was one of Katie’s closest friends, and was even a bridesmaid at Katie and Kieran’s wedding.

KP The Sun: “Jane is a cold, calculating, evil, manipulative bitch who I hope dies in a car crash or in a very painful way.

“If she was on fire in front of me I wouldn’t even spit on her.

“I hope she rots in hell. Her mum is already in her grave but Jane won’t be going to heaven with her mum.”


The pair, who were best pals until the former glamour model discovered Jane had been sleeping with Kieran for ten months, haven’t spoken in two years.

In an interview with Closer Magazine, Katie claims that Jane “ruined her life” and insists that the thing she wants most is to see her in an early grave.

She ranted: “Jane needs to go and die.

“That’s all she needs to do. I hope she dies a painful death – if I had a voodoo doll I would use it everyday.”

Forgive and forget? Pfft.

Kate discusses the ultimate betrayal in her new book Reborn and even confessed that the cheating scandal made her suicidal, confessing she thought about “hanging herself or ramming her car into a wall”.

She told The Sun: “I have never ever been so low as after I found out about them. I just wanted to end it all. I wanted to commit suicide.

“If I hadn’t been pregnant with Bunny and had my children, I would have 100 per cent tried to kill myself.”

Amazingly, Katie has managed to forgive Kieran – the guy who made a legal promise to stay faithful to her – for cheating while she was pregnant, because he had a ‘sex addiction’.

A passage in her book reads: “He knew he needed therapy and he had it. I trust him now.

“The old Kieran is dead. The change in him is incredible. The man who cheated on me has gone.

“He is happy being a dad, looking after our animals, riding his horse Eddie and being a decent husband.

“I don’t regret staying with him for a second. I don’t go on at him for what happened.

“I’ve moved on. Our marriage was fine. We were in the first year of marriage, our sex life was great. But Jane was not happy in her marriage so she wanted my husband.”

Remind us to never ever get on the wrong side of Katie Price!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor