Katy Perry strips naked at polling station as she urges fans to vote in US elections

Parody video sees Perry getting arrested as she let’s loose

Katy Perry has stripped naked in a funny bid to get people to vote in the upcoming US elections.

The 31-year-old avid Hillary Clinton fan posted the Funny or Die video on Tuesday.

In the clip the I Kissed A Girl singer is seen waking up sporting patriotic pajamas and messy bed hair,

She then declares: ‘I’ve got some great news: This year, you can look like s*** when you vote.’

We then see her walking to a polling station, passing others in her pajamas as she explains: ‘Yep, I’ve briefly scanned the Constitution and nowhere does it say that you can’t just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in.

‘In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is A-OK.’

A joking Katy then proceeds to give examples of what other silly outfits are also acceptable, including a child’s onesie and a T-shirt you got free from your bank that’s covered in slime.

Katy then spices things up by saying: ‘Or, if you’re like me, I sleep naked,’ before ripping away her pajamas to go nude.

With bars protecting her modesty, Katy grins cheekily at the camera as fellow voters gasp and a man behind her drops to the ground in astonishment.

‘Yep, let those babies loose,’ she booms, before a pair of police officers strolled over, with one cutting in: ‘Alright, ma’am. That’s enough of that.’

‘No, I read the Constitution and I know I have the right to vote naked, she protests, to which the other arresting officer responds: ‘Did you read it, or did you just briefly scan it?’

Katy is then led to a police car, where she finds herself sharing the backseat with a shirtless Joel McHale, who reacts: ‘You too?’

Leaning out of the window, Katy yells to the camera, before being whisked away: ‘Scratch that. Gotta wear clothes. My bad. See you at the polls November 8th.’

Just one day earlier Katy sent out a tweet and a teaser image, declaring she was hoping to change the world with her clip.

The tweet posted alongside the still read: ‘TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD (sic).’

The Roar hitmaker posted her naked video teaser on the same day the US Presidential debate was broadcast.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor