Kerry Katona says she’s still haunted and judged by ‘slurred speech’ interview on This Morning

It was a difficult time for Kerry

Kerry Katona has said she’s still affected by that infamous interview on This Morning a decade ago.

The former Atomic Kitten star drew concern from Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton after slurring her words on live television.

Phillip said: “If I’m honest now, you don’t seem right to me sitting here now. Your speech is a bit slurred.”

Kerry sparked concerns with a 2009 interview on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Kerry, who has been open about her previous battle with drugs, insisted her slurred words were because of prescription bipolar medication she had taken a few hours later than normal the previous night.

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However, it still led to headlines and speculation the following day that Kerry had been drinking before the show – which she vehemently denied.

Instagram @kerrykatona7
Kerry is happy, healthy and feeling positive these days (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

In a new interview with Closer magazine, Kerry said: “To this day, that whole interview with Phillip and Fern haunts me.

“I’m still climbing that ladder – the criticism I got, the judgement I had because of my slurring still sticks with me today. No one believed it was my meds that made me slur, but it was – instead they assume it was the drugs and that’s the reputation I got.”

Kerry continued to say that the “drugs time of my life was hard mainly because of the judgement” but she wasn’t playing the victim as no one forced her to take drugs.

She added: “I still get so badly criticised – it’s such a fickle world. Because of that time I’m still trying to get production companies to believe in me again.”

Instagram @kerrykatona7
Kerry says she still gets judged (Credit: Instagram @kerrykatona7)

Back in 2008, Phillip explained on This Morning how Kerry had arrived late for the filming and nobody had a chance to speak with her before the cameras rolled.

He said: “Had we known the condition we felt she might be in, our producer would certainly not have allowed her to open the programme. We would have put something else at the top of the programme, ascertained what the issue might be, and maybe put her on later.”

A statement released at the time by Kerry’s then-husband Mark Croft said: “For the record, Kerry had not been drinking anything other than tea before the show.

Fern and Phil interview Kerry in 2009 (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

“Kerry has always been honest about her bipolar depression, for which she receives ongoing medical attention and takes prescription drugs daily.

“The treatment which she is on has side effects, which include difficulty speaking and drowsiness.

“Kerry did attempt to explain this to Phil and Fern, and was extremely offended that they continued to question her further, despite seeing her obvious distress at their ongoing line of questioning.”

Kerry spoke about her newfound positivity on Loose Women recently (Credit: ITV)

Responding, Phil and Fern said: “Our intention was was never to get you upset or angry with us. We are just concerned for you because you’re bubbly, you’re funny, you’re beautiful, you’re quick-witted – all of those things, and we can’t bear to see you not looking the Kerry we know.”

Kerry, meanwhile, appeared on Loose Women recently to say she’s feeling happier, healthier and more positive than ever before.

The mother of five, who is going through a divorce from third husband George Kay, said: “I feel really in control of my life right now and I think exercise has definitely helped me feel on top of the world again.”

Kerry feels sexy and empowered these days (Credit: ITV)

She added: “I have to say this is the best head space I’ve been in for a long time. I think being single is definitely the way forward. I’m in a relationship with myself and learning to love me. I feel good, sexy and empowered.”

Kerry said she’s feeling so good she’s now come off her bipolar medication.

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“I’ve been off medication now for about eight months. A lot of mental health illness is knowing what your triggers are and what tools to use when you are triggered. I still have my down days, like we all do. But because I’m going through a divorce I would rather face these obstacles head on rather than mask them with pills. The best pill to take is exercise and eating healthily.”

But she added: “I would never ever advise anybody to stop taking medication without seeking medical attention first. I went to my doctor and said I was ready to come off my medication.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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