Kim Zolciak strips to show off her incredible post-baby body

Not bad after 4 children in 30 months...but is it all natural?

Kim Zolciak has stripped down to a bikini to show just how proud she is of her post-baby body.

As the proud mom-of-six the former star of Real Housewives of Atlanta took to SnapChat at the weekend to show off her incredible figure.

Despite giving birth to four children in 30 months, the 38-year-old posted mirror selfies that revealed the plastic surgery fan’s pert bottom.

Writing on SnapChat she said: ‘The body birthed 6 kids and I’m damn proud.’

She went on to add how closely the last of her brood were born in succession:  ‘4 kids in 30 months!!’

The Don’t Be Tardy star, who has been married to husband Kroy since November 11, 2011, has given birth to their four children Kroy Jagger (KJ), Kash and twins Kane and Kaia in recent months.

She also has two teenage daughters Brielle and Ariana, from previous relationships.

Earlier this year Kim confessed her incredible body wasn’t just down to hard work and a healthy diet.

She admitted to E! News the cosmetic surgery she’d had done.

She said: “I had a boob job and I’ve had a hernia fixed.

“I had a pretty big hernia from the twins, so I said just do a tummy tuck, which is kinda the same thing, just make the skin really tight.

‘But that doesn’t change my size.

‘I’m the same size I was the day I walked into surgery, I’m just a little bit tighter looking.”

The blond beauty added that “a lot is genetics,” sharing that, “My mom’s very small, I’m tall, I’m 5-8, I do have height on me. My mom is 5-4.

‘But my mom’s been a size 2 her whole life. I’ve been a size 27 jean my whole life.

‘I definitely think genetics play a role, and I don’t eat tons at a meal.

‘I love dessert, not gonna lie, definitely have dessert every night.

‘Just a little brownie, not a big sundae. I think eating in moderation is key for people. I think the portion sizes that are out there today are just insane.”

In a post on Instagram on Friday, the reality mum also recalled how her ‘life changed’ after suffering a stroke while she was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

‘I thank God everyday that I’m still here on this planet,’ confessed a grateful Kim.

‘We have to listen to ourselves, especially us women. We put our husband and children before us often times and we need to really listen to our bodies.’

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor