Kylie Jenner tries to upstage Kim K by stripping down

Kylie seems to be copying Kim...

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There is no rivalry like sibling rivalry and it seems the Kardashians are just the same.

Earlier this year, Queen Kim sent the web into mass frenzy after she posted a naked selfie in her bathroom mirror with those awesome curves and new blonde locks on display.

Now her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner has followed birthday suit. Similar curves, same hair…only this time there are no black lines to censor the sensuality.

Kylie, 19, snapped her stunning curves in the reflection of a full-length mirror, surrounded by ice white fur, candles and flowers.

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On first peek it looks like she’s completely starkers, but look closely (she won’t mind) and you’ll see she’s wearing matching knickers and bra.

Various shoes and items of clothing are dotted artfully around the room. Clever product placement? Scene dressing?

Either that or Kylie needs to tidy up.

There was no caption under the fresh, sexy snap. Perhaps it should have read ‘Anything you can do I can do nuder’.

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Other pics posted on Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter’s account show the teen modelling various shades from her latest lip gloss collection.

In one she can be seen pouting seductively for the camera with a nude-coloured gloss applied to her cosmetically enhanced lips.

In another she vamps it up a deep berry hue while casually leaning on a marble counter-top in her kitchen.

In just a few hours Kylie’s nude (ish) post had already drawn 1.1million likes but then again Kylie has 74.7 million Instagram followers so perhaps her pic isn’t going to ‘break the internet’ in the way her older sister’s did.

We all love Keeping up with the Kardashians but is this a case of Kylie trying to keep up with Kim?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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