Lindsay Lohan accuses ex-fiancé of beating her and being flat broke

Troubled star reveals all about stormy relationship with Russian ex

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Lindsay Lohan has branded her ex-fiancé a ‘lazy layabout’ who is flat broke.

In an interview with Russian TV Lohan even claims Egor Tarabasov is so skint she had to pay for her own £220,000 engagement ring.

And worse still the 30-year-old claims Tarabasov beat her during their tumultuous 11-month relationship.

The troubled actress goes on to claim her former love’s lifestyle is entirely funded by his wealthy businessman father and she was forced to pay for everything during their romance.

Tarabasov denies the ‘harmful’ and ‘false’ claims and no charges have been brought against him.

In the emotional interview Lohan said: ‘He does not have money. What could I do?

‘We lived in my home. I paid for everything. His father paid for many things, but mainly I was paying.

‘But it was mistake. I should have said to him, “Do something, I can’t do everything alone”.  I’m a 30-year-old woman and I was supporting a guy who didn’t work.’

Lohan alleged that during their well-publicized rows Egor beat her and alleged that she covered up the bruises.

‘I feel I was used, she said. ‘It is the first time I am in such a relationship when I was beaten, it is painful for me.

‘I don’t want it, I am not a victim, I am a strong person.

‘I should have stopped it when the first signs came. But it is very hard for me to say goodbye.

‘I feel quite uncomfortable about the last few months with Egor. Would you feel normal with bruises on your legs? That was really hard for me.’

She went on: ‘For some time I was thinking he was a good man. I feel ashamed to confess that my logical mind switched off.

‘I used to say ‘forgive me’ the next morning because I wanted to have peace.

‘This is how I became one more beaten woman who is scared to confess it.’

Tarabasov is the son of a successful Russian businessman who owns several transport companies.

Troubled Lohan is well known for her wild ways and has spent time in rehab.

In May 2007 she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and in July the same year, the wayward star was arrested again for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

She got engaged to Egor, seven years her junior, last September following a whirlwind romance

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor