Slimmed-down Lisa Riley admits her saggy skin is ‘worse than Tina Malone’s’

Former Emmerdale star inspired by fellow actress's surgery to remove excess flesh after equally dramatic weight loss

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Former Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley has revealed her desire to have surgery on her saggy skin, complaining about how her body looks after losing so much weight.

Speaking out about her body issues on Loose Women, Lisa said that her skin was ‘worse than Tina Malone’s’ before the Shameless actress – who lost 12 stone – underwent corrective surgery, costing over £50,000.

Tina had posted on Twitter her joy at shopping for a size 6 ball gown: “For the first time in my life I feel and know I look good, I just cried trying my dress on.”

As the Loose Women panellists discussed whether dress size matters, Lisa said that she agreed with Tina that it did, “because it makes you feel good”.

Lisa went on to say that she wanted to have the surgery to give her the “body I deserve”, and that, if she could have the body lift surgery, she would never go back to her unhealthy eating regime.

“It’s the reflection I am still struggling with, I actually saw a picture of Tina Malone’s online, and of her when she was in bra and panties and mine worse than hers.”

The studio audience applauded Lisa’s openness, before she said: “Just embrace what I have achieved and long may it live, this healthy lifestyle that I have created for myself.”

She added: “I have worked hard, I love my life and it is the body I feel I deserve without clapping when I go upstairs!”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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