Look away now! The transformation of the Bridget Jones’s Baby cast

They are household names now but they had to start somewhere

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The time has arrived for Bridget Jones to bring us another slice of her turbulent life.

She has finally got to grips with her career and is starting to feel fabulous in her forties.

Then a handsome man and an unexpected pregnancy comes along and Bridget is in turmoil again.

From Renée Zellweger to Colin Firth, the cast are looking beautiful and immaculate.

It hasn’t always been that way though. Here are the on-screen moments that may have them looking away, while we raise a smile.

Renée Zellweger

The former cocktail waitress gained her acting credentials with a turn in a Coors Light advert.


Back in 1991, Renée rocked the metallic silver swimsuit look to bring the beer to life.

Nowadays the Bridget Jones star is the model of sophistication.

Maybe Renée looks back at the advert from behind a pillow but without it, the path to her star turn in Jerry Maguire wouldn’t have been laid and she may not have become the household name we all know and love today.

Colin Firth

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Back in the spring of 1984, a young actor had caught the eye of the casting directors after treading the boards in Shakespeare plays.

Colin Firth made his movie debut as Tommy Judd in Another Country, a Rupert Everett vehicle.

He certainly had boyish charms back in the 80’s and has gone on to make many women weak at the knees ever since.

Patrick Dempsey

Before becoming a hearthrob across the globe with his performance in popular US television series Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey peppered his career with numerous movie roles.

It was his fresh-faced debut in the film, In The Mood, that showed off that there was a chiselled chin ready to help break hearts on the silver screen.

He is now sweeping Bridget off her feet and we can see why…

Jim Broadbent

Let’s face it, Jim Broadbent has looked pretty much the same for time immemorial.

From Moulin Rouge to being the voice of Percy the Park Keeper, you pretty much knew what you were going to get a character full of warmth.

It wasn’t always like that though, as he had a rather shouty role in a comedy makeover of 70’s cop show, The Sweeney.

Gemma Jones

If you’re going to have a career in TV and film, then you may as well start big.

Gemma Jones first became known to viewers in Kenilworth during 1967, playing Queen Elizabeth I, as she went straight in to a right royal period drama.

She hasn’t really left that drama genre since, though she has played alongside some of Hollywood’s more colourful characters, including Oliver Reed.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor