Look who’s back! Cheryl breaks social media silence amid pregnancy rumours

The former X Factor judge is back

A new season has brought its first rare sighting.

Cheryl has broken her social media silence with a pic shared by Supersonic PR that has got tongues wagging across the nation.

There has been speculation among fans that her ‘fuller face’ of late could mean that she is carrying former One Direction singer Liam Payne’s child.

The new pic hasn’t dampened this theory by any means.

With her sitting down and half obscuring her face, fans are reading a whole lot in to the situation.

Couple this with the baggy jumper that she’s wearing, instead of the usual skin-tight outfits, there is only one conclusion they have all got to… she’s pregnant!

Of course, there are a million reasons why this isn’t the case but it seems there has been an intention to muddy the waters with the perception as to what is happening in the shot.

Absence is seemingly making the heart grow fonder as Liam posted a sweet snap on Instagram.

He also wrote with the pic: “I miss you!…the things you make me do home soon!”

Of course, he isn’t the only one that is pleased to see Cheryl back in the public eye.

Her fans and followers have welcomed her back in to the limelight.

Whatever the reason for Cheryl to pop back up in our social media feeds, it seems that it is a welcome one.

Just imagine the excitement if all the baby rumours were true!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor