Lorraine Kelly blasted for basically suggesting actress Gemma Arterton is ‘overweight’

Viewers were very uncomfortable...

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Things got a little bit awkward in an interview with Gemma Arterton on Lorraine this morning.

Viewers have gone crazy for Lorraine Kelly’s comments about the stunning actress’s weight.

The 56-year-old presenter was asking her questions about various film roles and then randomly blurted out that she loved the fact Gemma was “normal”.

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The host then carried on and said that she’s had so many Hollywood actresses on the show that were too “thin”.

Viewers were not impressed with the segment and said it was “uncomfortable, “awkward” and “weird”.

After being asked whether anybody turns her down for her ‘normal’ size when working in Hollywood movies, the Bond girl actress said: “They wouldn’t do it anymore, I wouldn’t work on those movies.

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“I’d run a mile, I would do it if it was necessary for a part but not just aesthetically.”

One viewer on Twitter said: “That was so weird! Gemma Arterton is tiny and #lorraine asks if she’s been told to lose weight for roles?!”

Another added: “Definitely wish I was as ‘normal’ bodied as @GammeArterton! @ITVLorraine bis disappointed in you. #lorraine #bodybeautiful”

Some people even thought she was saying that Gemma was overweight…

What do you think of Lorraine’s comments?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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