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Love Your Weekend star Alan Titchmarsh on his fears over career amid ‘terrifying’ cancel culture: ‘First time I’ve ever admitted that’

Alan caused a social media row in 2023

Love Your Weekend host Alan Titchmarsh previously admitted that he fears being “cancelled” as he gets older – saying he would even quit his career if the pressure got too much.

The 75-year-old has been a staple on British television for four decades, but would give it all up to avoid cancel culture.

Speaking to The Telegraph last October, Alan said: “I think cancel culture is terrifying. It makes you very careful about what you say, and if the point ever came when that strain and that worry became too much, for me or my family, I think I’d say, enough. I’ll go.

“This is the first time I’ve ever admitted that. But I’ve had a good run.”

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TV star Alan said he would give us his career if the fear of being cancelled got too much (Credit:

Alan Titchmarsh on Love Your Weekend

The gardener said he finds it “heartbreaking” that some people have had to give up their careers due to their views.

He said: “As you get older you realise it’s an increasingly fragile path, because you can so easily be misconstrued. There are days when I think, do I really want to be putting my head up this parapet?”

The closest Alan came to being “cancelled” was causing a social media war about people using leaf blowers on Sundays.

He wrote in BBC Gardeners’ World magazine: “It’s clear to me the rarest thing in any garden is silence.

Alan Titchmarsh
Alan caused a social media row about leaf blowers last year (Credit:

“It appears to be the one commodity money can’t buy. I believe profoundly there should be at least one day in the week when we could go out into our gardens and experience a bit of peace and quiet.”

Reflecting on the comments, he told The Telegraph: “I was only arguing for a bit of peace and quiet. Everyone is so cross these days.”

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More recently, Alan has opened up on how he feared was dying after a health scare in 2016.

He said: “I hoped I wasn’t going to die, and I was hanging on in there but the pain was so acute at one point I thought it might be a blessed relief.”

He was airlifted to Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital.

There, he was diagnosed with gallstones and had to undergo surgery to remove his gall bladder.

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