Lydia Bright and Ollie Locke: “We thought we were going to die”

The reality TV pairing pushed themselves to the edge on The Island with Bear Grylls

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Lydia Bright and Ollie Locke have said they were lucky to make it back to Blighty alive, after they were left stranded in a dangerous South American forest with Bear Grylls.

“I think it was the toughest thing both of us have ever done in our whole entire lives,” TOWIE star Lydia Bright told Lorraine Kelly.

With the new series of The Island about to hit our screens, she peppered her chat with delicious PR-friendly gems.

“It’s the thirst – we couldn’t find water for a long time. I think at times we thought we are going to die.”

Lydia, who is much more at home roaming the wilds of Essex, said that she quite enjoyed her TV escapade with the dashing adventurer – but only to start with!

“The first day you think this is quite easy,” she recalled.

“We’ve found camp we’ve found water. You’ll watch – we didn’t do either of those. It was hardcore.”

When Lorraine tried to cut through what was being said and asked Lyds if there was actually a real fear of her dying, she said there was.

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However, posh totty Ollie chirped up that he was more concerned about his dramatic weight lost, dropping from 11.5 stone to just under nine stone.

“The dehydration is so severe you actually get to dangerous levels,” he admitted.

“It soon creeps up on you, you don’t have any foods.

“We didn’t eat for a lot of it. We couldn’t find any food.”

However, his insatiable thirst was not his biggest problem in the jungle. Killing a caiman alligator was one of the most terrible

Ollie admitted that in order to feed the starving camp he had to go out and kill a caiman, which is in the same family as the alligator.

“I never thought I would see the day this Chelsea boy killed a caiman!” he snorted. “My friends think I’m crazy!”

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