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As Julia Wandelt is revealed not to be Madeleine McCann 9 big questions remain

Julia has now gone back to Poland

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DNA results have proved that the girl who claimed she could be Madeleine McCann is, in fact, of “100% Polish” heritage and therefore not Kate and Gerry McCann’s missing daughter.

But after Julia found peace with her results and headed back to life in Poland, a lot of questions remain for those who’ve followed her story avidly. And it seems that a lot of the things we’ve seen, heard and read since February, when Julia came forward, don’t really add up, including the fact that Julia and Dr Fia now appear to be at loggerheads.

Julia’s representative Dr Fia Johansson and her team conducted an investigation lasting weeks. Dr Fia said she had uncovered “shocking” information, a lot of which she shared with her followers. But as Julia goes back to her old life, a lot of things over the past couple of months have raised red flags…

I am Madeleine McCann girl Julia Wandelt smiling wearing pink
Julia Wandelt, the Polish girl who claimed she could be Madeleine McCann, has got her DNA results back (Credit: Instagram)

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl: What is her real name?

When she first shared her claims, Julia posted on Facebook from an account that said her name was Julia Faustyna. But, as the weeks went on, Julia’s surname changed. Next, she was known as Julia Wandelt. Finally, when she appeared on Dr Phil, Julia’s name was shown as Julia Wendell.

So what is her real name? And why has it changed three times in less than three months? Julia’s family history appears complicated, so perhaps that could explain it, but no statement has been released explaining why she has used three different names since coming forward.

Julia has since returned to Facebook on her Julia Faustyna account, starting the post: “Julia Wandelt here.”

Why did the DNA results take so long?

Julia and Dr Fia were open about their desire to match the Polish girl’s DNA with that of Madeleine McCann. Dr Fia shared that Julia had taken tests and the results would be revealed in due course. Except the results took weeks to come back and, as a result, supporters of the McCanns vented online.

They made unsubstantiated claims that the results were being drawn out, thus adding to the pain doubtless endured by Kate and Gerry McCann and their twins Sean and Amelie. As it stands, Dr Fia has said that she can trace Julia’s roots back to Poland, and not the UK.

However, because her parents allegedly refused to take part in a DNA test, and it appears to have not been checked with the McCanns, she can’t say for certain who Julia’s true parents are. Dr Fia had earlier said that Madeleine McCann’s DNA was held on a database that she alleged she had access to, so why hasn’t it been checked against the missing Brit? Or has it and the news just hasn’t been released to the public?

I am Madeleine McCann girl Julia on Dr Fia
Complaints were made about how long her DNA results took to come back (Credit: YouTube)

Why was her mother so reluctant to take a test?

Julia claimed that her family had “shunned” her over her claims that she could have been Madeleine McCann. She also stated that her mother had refused to take part in a DNA test. Dr Fia also noted this as being particularly cruel when she announced Julia’s DNA results.

The Polish woman’s family reportedly revealed why they think Julia came forward with her claims. In a statement released online, they said: “For us as a family it is obvious that Julia is our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and step niece. We have memories, we have pictures.”

They added: “Julia once wanted to be a singer, a model. She always wanted to be popular. What’s happening now she got one million followers.” Dr Fia also gave Julia’s voice a platform as a bizarre twist revealed that she actually has a lovely singing voice. So was her mother right? And why was she reluctant to take a DNA test to prove she is Julia’s mother?

Has ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl’s DNA been matched to other missing girls

Has Julia’s DNA been matched to other missing girls, as Dr Fia said it would? While they were awaiting the results of Julia’s tests, Dr Fia responded to claims from supporters that Julia could be another girl who went missing at around the same time. And she said that her DNA would be checked against DNA for the girls that is held on file. However, nothing has yet been said about if this was carried out.

I am Madeleine McCann girl Julia on Dr Fia
It’s alleged Julia didn’t get paid for her media appearances (Credit: YouTube)

Why didn’t she get paid for Dr Phil?

Usually when someone appears on a high-profile talk show or takes part in an exclusive interview, a fee is paid. However, responding to accusations that Dr Fia and Julia were profiting from the claims she could be Madeleine McCann, the celebrity psychic investigator claimed that Julia hasn’t made a penny from her media exposure.

Dr Fia alleged that they weren’t paid “a dime” to appear on the Dr Phil show. She said: “We didn’t actually get a dime to be involved with Dr Phil’s show. We didn’t receive anything, Julia [didn’t] receive anything, Julia just went on the stage and was herself and told the truth.”

She also shut down claims she’d been paid for exclusive interviews with online publications including Radar Online. Dr Fia stated: “A lot of you ask if Julia made some sort of money by going to any type of press, Radar for example, all other things… no. We did not pay them anything, they did not pay us anything.”

Message to Kate McCann

In late March, Julia sent a message to Madeleine’s mother Kate McCann during an online interview. In the interview, she stated that she recognised Kate’s voice. Julia said: “I want to say something to Kate McCann. I listened to a song that you sang to your daughter Madeleine. When I hear your voice – from movies, from interviews – I feel like I really know this voice, your voice.”

So how does Julia know Kate’s voice? The McCanns rarely speak out in TV interviews these days and, if she’s never met Kate, how would her voice and song she sung to Madeleine 16 years ago sound familiar to Julia?

Julia’s return to Poland after ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ DNA results

Dr Fia flew over to Poland to whisk Julia to safety in America early on in the investigation. This came after reports that the girl had a price on her head after she came forward with her claims.

So why has she now gone back to Poland when she was getting death threats and people were allegedly trying to traffic her out of the country? Dr Fia revealed pretty recently that she had been granted power of attorney for Julia in order to protect her.

So why has she left the protection of Dr Fia, a woman who has fought to uncover the truth for weeks, to return to a country that she felt unsafe in? Plus, the two women now appear to be embroiled in a war of words online. Julia has accused Dr Fia of “threatening” her and claims: “Fia is not the person she said she is.”

Julia Wandelt posing in Instagram photo
21-year-old Julia Wandelt has now returned to Poland (Credit: Instagram)

Cancer fears

Also, Julia appears to have gone back to Poland after Dr Fia was trying to get to the bottom of her health problems. It was reported that doctors were looking into the possibility that Julia could have cancer. And Dr Fia promised that she would help Julia with whatever treatment she may have needed.

So what happened to treatment Fia was seeking? Will Julia get this treatment back in Poland? Did the results come back clear? Is Julia well after Dr Fia listed her many ailments and things the doctors were checking? It has been confirmed that she doesn’t have cancer, but Dr Fia suggests she does have Cushing syndrome which she claims “needs attention”.

‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl’s medical records mystery

Julia and Dr Fia spent hours in Poland waiting to get a copy of her health records. However, it was then claimed that the first five years of Julia’s life were missing. Where are they?

Also, Julia said that she didn’t have her birth certificate, that she didn’t have any photos of her mother pregnant and that she didn’t have any pictures of herself as a baby. Her mother shut down and refuted all of these claims. So what’s the truth?

The girl is now claiming that Dr Fia is withholding her medical records – something the Persian Medium has hit back over – as the two women continue their war of words.

Obviously Dr Fia can’t reveal every single piece of information that she has uncovered. Some things may be private and confidential and she may be unable to share details of Julia’s upbringing or medical history. Perhaps it’s just too painful for Julia.

But if we have all these unanswered questions, it probably goes without saying that Julia will have even more – that she could air on her newly reinstated social media accounts soon.

All we can hope is that, as she returns to Poland – to her boyfriend, she says, and not her father, as Dr Fia suggest – Julia is safe, happy and looked after, by whoever it is that she decides to call her family.

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