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Martin Kemp warns wife Shirlie they won’t be invited to son Roman’s wedding: ‘We’ll have no right to be heartbroken’

The couple eloped themselves back in 1988

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Martin and Shirlie Kemp are parents to two grown-up children – son Roman, 31, and daughter Harley Moon, 34 – and Wham! star Shirlie has a very definite idea of how she’d like their wedding days to go.

The couple, who have been married for 35 years, had a small private wedding in St Lucia back in November 1988. And they didn’t invite any guests.

So, when it comes to The Finish Line star Roman and Harley Moon getting married, Martin has warned Shirlie that she can’t be “heartbroken” if her kids also decide to elope.

Martin and Shirlie Kemp against a snowy backdrop
Shirlie and Martin Kemp have been married for more than three decades (Credit: Cover Images)

Martin and Shirlie Kemp on love advice they give their kids

Speaking to Hello!, the couple revealed that, while their kids are both single, when they want tips on love, they go to mum Shirlie.

She said that she tells them both that they “always have to feel comfortable with someone and not let anyone make you feel insecure”. However, she said that the advice she gives Roman and Harley Moon does differ slightly.

If my kids get married, I want to be there.

“It’s different between a girl and a boy. With Harley, I’ll say: ‘Make sure he’s chasing you, don’t you chase.’ And with Roman, I’ll say: ‘Treat her nice.'”

Shirlie was 27 when she welcomed Harley Moon, with son Roman following just over three years later. However, she’s “not bothered” they’re not married and haven’t started families yet.

However, she does have one stipulation when it comes to her kids one day tying the knot.

Martin and Roman Kemp smiling against a pink backdrop
Martin and son Roman are extremely close, but he doesn’t reckon he’ll be at his son’s wedding (Credit: Cover Images)

Roman’s wedding – and their lack of invite

“I’m not bothered that they’re not married or have children. I think the world is a scary place. But if my kids get married, I want to be there,” Shirlie said.

Dad Martin, however, had a bit of a warning for Shirlie. He reckons that they won’t be there, and that they won’t be able to complain about it as they did exactly the same with their parents.

“I can tell you, you won’t be. Roman will do exactly the same thing [as us]. Everything he does, he’s looked at, so he’ll want to go away. And we can’t be heartbroken because we’ll have no right to be,” he told his wife.

In contrast to Shirlie, Martin can’t wait to be a grandfather. He told the magazine if it happened tomorrow “II would love it, absolutely love it”.

However, he isn’t piling the pressure on the pair, adding that it’s “their choice” as to when it happens.

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