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Martin Lewis apologises for ‘inappropriate’ outburst at Ofgem briefing

Martin went at length to explain his anger

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Martin Lewis apologised on Twitter for an “inappropriate” outburst he made earlier today (Monday, May 16).

Martin admitted he lost it during a background briefing with Ofgem, an independent energy regulator, this morning.

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The money-saving expert apologised on Twitter today (Credit: / YouTube)

Martin Lewis on Twitter

Martin took to Twitter this morning to apologise for an angry outburst he had during a meeting with Ofgem.

The money-saving expert confessed to “losing my rag” during the briefing. He tweeted his apology for his 1.5 million followers to see.

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I’d like to formally apologise to the @ofgem staff for losing my rag in a background briefing just now and saying its changes are a ‘[bleeping] disgrace that sells consumers down the river,'” he wrote.

“I should’ve behaved better. My ire’s institutional not individual, it was inappropriate…”

In a separate tweet, he continued, explaining why he had lost his cool.

Martin Lewis speaking to camera in YouTube video
Martin explained his outburst (Credit: / YouTube)

Martin Lewis Ofgem

He continued, writing: “I lost it when getting a briefing about today’s proposals, where it feels like at every turn, in these desperate times where lives are at risk, it has ignored all asks for consumers and instead kowtowed to the industry (I hope history proves me wrong)…”

Martin then went on to explain what had been his breaking point during the meeting.

He said that Ofgem is planning to make its market stabilisation charge harsher.

Martin then said that he ended the call by asking Ofgem to “at least consider cutting standard charges”.

“I have had good meetings with Ofgem for years, so I’m sorry this blew up (they were calm I wasn’t)…,” he wrote.

“Please accept that was (and this is) an emotional rant, not a considered piece,” he continued.

“I pray when I do further analysis I have to apologise again as I’ve got it very wrong (if not I worry about dire consequences for consumers – we must do more to make things better for them).”

Martin Lewis smiling at camera in YouTube video
Martin’s followers praised him on Twitter (Credit: / YouTube)

Plenty of Martin’s 1.5 million followers took to the replies to praise the money-saving expert for his work.

“You’re a national treasure, Martin. Giving voice to the voiceless,” one of his followers said.

“Thank you for getting hacked off on our behalf it’s a shame the government can’t be this hacked off on our behalf as they’re supposed to be the ones with our interests at heart,” another wrote.

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“You care, they don’t, end of story. Keep doing what you’re doing, it matters & we care. Thank you,” a third said.

“Martin, your righteous anger is well-placed. Thank you for speaking up for the thousands of us who are terrified and do not have a voice,” another tweeted him.

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