Meet the woman who wears her wedding dress for EVERY anniversary

She follows the scientific belief it will keep the marriage together...

Have you ever dreamed of breaking out your wedding dress from that dusty old box and twirling around in it once again?

Well that’s exactly what Samantha Burns does, every year.

She made a promise to her husband that she would put her wedding dress back on for every anniversary in the future.

Her husband didn’t think she was being serious at first, but when their first anniversary came about, she packed her dress, and put it on in the evening to celebrate.

So far she’s worn it on a sunset cruise, playing golf and eating pancakes.

She explained: “When I pull out my wedding dress and put it on, it brings back the magic of that special day.

“It reminds me of the vows we exchanged, and the start of our married life together.”

She also has a ‘travel bucket list’ of places she’d like to wear her dress in the future.

She said: “Top of the list are Africa, Thailand and Australia.

“So maybe on a safari, riding an elephant or surfing would be good.

“We’re a very outdoorsy and athletic couple, so maybe even zip lining through a rainforest one day or skydiving.”

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She confessed she does get some odd looks when wearing the dress in public, but in her mind, the yearly event is very important.

As a mental health counsellor and dating consultant, Samantha knows a thing or two about successful relationships.

So, beyond the cute photos, Sam said there is a real explanation for this tradition: science.

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She explained: “Though it may seem like a silly tradition, there’s actually science to support why creating fun customs like this help you to keep a spark burning bright in your relationship.

“While wearing my dress, I am able to reminisce not only about the wedding, but of the new memories my partner and I will create, full of joy and adventure.

“Spontaneity, surprise, taking risks, and exploring the unknown – all of which happen when you have an adventure in your wedding gown – activate the reward centre in our brain.

“This burst of dopamine makes you feel excited, giddy, and gives you that loving feeling.”

Where will she wear her wedding dress next? We’ll be on the lookout!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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