BBC presenter Emma Barnett sparks outrage with period pain comments on men

Her comments haven't been received too well

It’s often said that men have no idea how tough it is being a woman.

Now a BBC presenter has sparked outrage after suggesting blokes couldn’t handle period pains and would turn them into a competition.

During a chat on the famous red sofa about menstrual cycles, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Emma Brett said: “Can you imagine if men had periods?

“How work places would be designed slightly differently and how everything might be slightly worked around the cycle.

“It’d be a badge of honour if men had period pains, they’d be complaining.”

Emma was chewing over the question of whether or not women should get paid or unpaid leave if their monthlies leave them feeling too ill to work.

Her survey showed that most women pretend they’re sick to take time off work while menstruating – prompting Naga Munchetty to raise the question: “Should women be entitled to take menstrual leave?”

Charlie asked researcher Emma: “Is part of the issue that it’s seen as an embarrassing issue – as opposed to just health?”

Emma replied: “I think people are hugely squeamish about [periods].

“Some women and men react in horror, but it’s just something that happens and are completely normal.”

But her comments about men got Twitter going, with men and women tweeting their disgust.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “That’s a very sexist thing to say about men!”

Blasting her comment, another added: “Quite liked Emma Barnett on BBC breakfast talking on period pain in workplace until she started with the reverse sexism #bbcbreakfast.”

Other viewers stated that she needs to “get a grip,” writing: “some shocking and offensive generalisations about men in this report.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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