Molly Sims admits she gained 85Ibs during pregnancy

Model struggled with weight gain due to undiagnosed thyriod problem

Actress Molly Sims has revealed she gained 85 Ibs during her first pregnancy.

The mom-of- two struggled with weight gain due to an undiagnosed thyroid condition.

Speaking out as part of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk video series the model said: “No one tells you what’s going to happen.

“With my first pregnancy, I ended up gaining 85 lbs and had a bad thyroid problem that no one diagnosed throughout the whole pregnancy until four months later and I was working out every day.”

The 43-year-old, who is now expecting her third child, said whenever she shared concerns about her weight gain, her woes were simply blamed on pregnancy.

‘I kept saying, “I’m really tired,”‘ the actress said before emulating the response, ‘”Oh sweetie, you’re just pregnant.” “I’m really tired, I’m not eating that much, I’m gaining so much weight.” “Sweetie, you’re pregnant.”‘

But Sims admits the experience served as an important learning lesson for her.

She said: ‘I think it was really a lesson learned not to stop asking if something was wrong, and I kept asking, asking.

‘I mean the changes, because sometimes, deep down, when you’re eating that Sweet Lady Jane on the 405, somewhere deep inside of yourself, you do think that, “It’ll come off when I have the baby.”‘

The culprit was thyroiditis, she told Good Morning America in 2014.

‘I looked like a football player,’ she said of her neck at the time during the interview.

Sims finally received a diagnosis and started taking medication for the condition.

She is now expecting her third child with husband Scott Stuber.

Recently Sims admitted her third pregnancy had been ‘really stressful’ so far because she was worried about potential complications as a result of her age.

Updating fans on her pregnancy in a YouTube video, she said so far everything is ‘on track’, but admitted to having bizarre cravings including drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows every night and eating turkey with salt and crackers.

The couple are also parents to one-year-old daughter Scarlett, and son Brooks, four.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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