Mom jailed after raping twin brothers, including daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend

Mother gets four years behind bars after pleading guilty to despicable sex acts

A mom-of-two has pleaded guilty to raping two twin brothers, which shockingly included her daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend.

Twisted Heather Salines, 40, was sentenced to four years in prison and three years’ probation Monday.

The 40-year-old entered guilty pleas to two counts of child rape, two counts of child enticement, two counts of dissemination of obscene matter to a minor and one count of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14.

As part of the punishment Salines was prohibited from having unsupervised contact with children under 16 and upon her release from prison will be required to register as a sex offender and wear a GPS ankle monitor.

During the hearing in Essex Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts Distract Attorney Jonathan Blodgett called Salines’ actions towards the two victims ‘beyond despicable’ and condemned her for taking advantage of her position as a trusted adult and betraying that trust ‘in a most vile way.’

It was in March 2014 Salines was arrested after officials at Belmonte Middle School in Saugus discovered her daughter’s then-15-year-old boyfriend had been showing nude pictures of the woman to classmates.

The boy told police he’d had sex with Salines and they had exchanged naked photos

After being questioned by authorities she admitted they’d had sexual encounters on a number of occasions.

Salines has a son and daughter and was married at the time of the incidents.

She and her husband have since divorced.

Salines said she had met the boy two months before they became intimate and he’d confided the personal turmoil he went through after losing his mother.

‘When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old… he acted like a grown man,’ she said, telling police things ‘spiraled out of control’ and she ‘lost herself.’

They first had sex in a car in the parking lot on March 17.

Two days later, Salines said the teen booked a room at the local DoubleTree hotel, because there was always the threat that her daughter could walk in on them when they were at the house.

Salines was getting ready to accept a plea deal in June 2015 when the victim’s twin brother came forward also accusing her of rape.

According to court papers, Salines raped the second boy at her home in February 2014, about a month before the initial alleged incident.

Prosecutors said Salines sent the boy explicit pictures of herself.

Salines allegedly accosted the boy, then 14 years old, in a bathroom while he was a guest in her home.

Prosecutors said she called him to her bedroom, took off her bra, and began to kiss and fondle him.

She then allegedly asked several times to perform oral sex on him.

She later began sending the teen text messages, including a photo in which she posed with his name scrawled on parts of her body.

A month later, officials say Salines moved on to the teen’s brother, who had just turned 15, and began sending him nude photos, including a selfie with his name written on her body.

In a victim impact statement that was read to the court, the second brother, who had been the on-again, off-again boyfriend of the woman’s daughter, said he suffered severe depression and had suicidal thoughts as a result of his illicit tryst with Salines.

The statement read: ‘Relationships with people in my life were ruined and many thought I was in the wrong and treated me like the situation was my fault and I was disgusting.

‘I spent a lot of nights crying and thought I was worthless.

‘There were times I convinced myself I shouldn’t be in this world and thought about killing myself. I felt like a train was going through my chest.’

Wicked Local reported that Salines’ attorney, William Korman, said after the hearing that his client ‘feels terrible’ about the pain she has caused everyone, especially her own family, and described the plea deal as ‘the best possible solution’ for all involved.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor