This Morning viewers FURIOUS with guest who wants tummy tuck on NHS

Rachel said she was happier before she had a gastric band

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This Morning viewers were left furious when a guest appeared on the show to talk about her insecurities with her new body, after losing a huge 25 stones as the result gastric band.

Not only did she have the gastric band paid for by the NHS, she then said that she wants to have the excess skin removed too.

And viewers were NOT happy…

Rachel told hosts Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she won’t let her husband see her naked, and will only have sex with the lights off.

She explained that she was more confident before when she was at her heaviest, because now she has folds of loose skin.

She said: “I was quite confident before losing my weight and seeing my skin.

“I’ve been left with this and it horrifies me.”

When a photo of her before and after the weight loss was shown on screen, Twitter exploded.

Many pointed out that although Rachel said she would not let her husband see her naked, she had no problem showing a picture of her in her underwear to the whole nation.

One wrote: “Won’t let your husband see you naked but puts a photo on tv for the nation to see hummmm”.

It is a huge transformation, but viewers weren’t keen, slamming her for moaning about her weight loss and wanting even more surgery done.

When asked why she wouldn’t go under the knife, Rachel explained: “It’s £32,000 which is money I don’t have!

“I’ve been referred to doctors, but I just get it thrown back every time because it’s not life threatening – it’s mental torture.”

Her interview threw fans of This Morning into a huge rant.

One angry viewer took to Twitter: “Has she ever heard of a loan? Why should the NHS pay for her to have floppy skin removed?”

Another added: “Bypass Is Cheating Didnt Lose The Weight On Your Own So Why Should The #NHS Fund Corrective Surgery!!! #payforityourself”.

One also wrote: “I don’t mean to sound bad but the lady on #ThisMorning should take a step back and be glad for her health, she needs to accept the new her..”.

Former Big Brother star Lea Walker was also involved in the thread, she wrote: “It cost me £30,000 to have my skin removed after losing 15 stone love, so stop moaning.”

She then hit her where it hurts: “She should of saved up all the money she saved from her food bills to pay for her surgery instead of moaning about it”.


Nancy Brown
Associate Editor