Corrie star Mikey North’s fiery nature exposed on TV tonight…

Love Island voice over Iain Stirling presents hilarious physical game show

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ITV has nabbed yet another cracking show, and it’s not one you’re going to want to miss.

CelebAbility is a game show with a difference, and the nation will see celebrities in an entirely different light with one familiar face being Mikey North.

In a clip shared on ITV2’s Instagram account, it shows Mikey, who plays Gary Windass in Coronation Street, eating an incredibly spicy food dish.

Behind the scenes #bts of #CelebAbility Want to know what is going on here? Then tune in THURSDAY, 10pm on ITV2

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Hosted by Love Island’s voice over Iain Stirling, it will feature five friends who will go head to head with five celebrities in a series of hilarious rounds.

Entertainment Daily chatted to Iain to get the lowdown on the show and what we can expect.

Chatting about how impressive Mikey was, he said: “We were there for about half an hour, I was like ‘Mate, let the non-celebrity win’ and he was nearly throwing up, he had that much chilli.”

He said it felt like the actor was doing the task forever. “If we didn’t have the show, it would just be a man from Coronation Street eating chilli for hours”, the comedian said.

Who knew he so hardcore?!

Each round is based on a particular skill, some of which are as simple as tea-making, planking and as Mikey discovered, eating an insane amount of spicy food.

The teammates joining him on the first show are Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison, Towie’s Pete Wicks, Love Island’s Olivia Buckland and Rickie Haywood Williams.

When asked who surprised him the most out of all of his showbiz guests, he said: “Olivia’s great because she’s up for a laugh.

“At one point she’s got a rubber band wrapped around her face, dragging herself to and fro to put wet, damp teabags in a cup using her mouth. It’s not a topical, political show.”

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The second episode has the gorgeous Will Best on it, as well as Olympic gymnast Louis Smith.

“Will Best was on. He’s so good looking, it’s not fair. He does this smelling challenge and got him to lick some raw liver at one point,” Iain explained.


It seems that Louis doesn’t take any prisoners. His competitive side came out again – which the nation saw on The Jump.

“He was like ‘I’m going to destroy this person that I’ve just met'”, Iain said. Why does that not surprise us?

Tune in tonight at 10pm on ITV2.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor