Off with his head! Piers Morgan breaks law live on TV

Viewers warn he is going to prison

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Gobby presenter Piers Morgan left viewers stunned as he broke the law live on Good Morning Britain.

While presenting the show with co-host Susanna Reid, he decided to test how strong a new Bank of England £5 note really is, compared to the current paper version.

The new blue-ish money is claimed to be rip-proof and waterproof after it was re-issued in Polymer form.

Piers wanted to prove this claim wrong.

He started by putting the money for a spin in a washing machine – who hasn’t accidentally left a fiver in their pocket?

The paper version, though damp, was still intact, while the plastic note was still in perfect condition.

Out of frustration, he resorted to tearing the cash with his hands before using his teeth, which – unsurprisingly – caused it to rip.


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He said: “It’s like Monopoly money, I would say. But like I did earlier, you can do it with your teeth. That’s magic!”

GMB viewers had been tweeting telling Piers he’d broken the law, but he hit back that it was against the law to be “sanctimonious crashing little bores”.

One wrote: “You’re going to jail for destroying money Piers.”

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Another added: “Really don’t appreciate being called sanctimonious little bore by @piersmorgan because I have respect for things. #removePiersfromGMB”.

Co-host Susanna even expressed her shock, she said: “I’m amazed – there’s Sir Winston Churchill who is your idol.

“I’m surprised you would do that to something with his face on it.”

According to the Bank of England, it is against the Currency and Banknotes act 1928 to deface bank notes, however the decision to take action is up to the police and courts.

Could Piers be off to prison?

If he is, the presenter’s closest frenemy Lord Alan Sugar has jokingly promised to keep him company while he is behind bars.

He wrote: “I will come visit you @piersmorgan @GMB”.

The new £5 note is being rolled out across the UK with an initial batch of 440 million notes.

Old fivers are still legal tender until May 5, 2017 while the new ones are designed to last around five years.

We can’t wait to get our hands on them!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor