It’s official Kanye is more popular than the Pope!

Yeezy brakes Pontiff's swag sales record at Madison Square Garden.

It’s long been argued Kanye West is in possession of music’s biggest ego and has even penned a song entitled I Am A God.

But beware his head is set to get even bigger, as it’s been revelaed he has broken the Pope’s merchandise sales record at Madison Square Garden.

Sources close to the 39-year-old rapper told TMZ that he sold $780,000 in souvenir gear at his Monday night show at the New York venue, where wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North turned up in stunning matching metallic outfits.

Which beats the record set by Pope Francis last September by a whopping $240,000.

The Pontiff performed Mass at the New York City venue to 20,000 people, with fans purchasing merchandise including rosary beads, crucifixes and baseball caps featuring a dove of peace.

There was also a limited edition Christmas ornament and a bag emblazoned with the words ‘Francis Our Pope’, with $540,000 worth of souvenirs sold.

Kanye meanwhile was selling more traditional fare however with his merchandise featuring Saint Pablo tour hoodies, baseball caps and T-shirts with some featuring wife Kim Kardashian.

However the Pope did manage to rival Kanye for rapturous receptions, with 80,000 people lining Central Park to see him on a whirlwind tour of the city.

The Saint Pablo tour takes Kanye all over North America ending in Inglewood California on November 1.

A keen fashion fan, Kanye last month opened several pop up shops selling merchandise themed around his Life Of Pablo album.

And fans appear consistently keen to snap up his offerings, with his famous $120 white T-shirt selling out back in 2013.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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