One Direction fans in MELTDOWN over rumoured reunion

Something very suspicious appeared on their website...

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One Direction fans have gone into absolute meltdown over a mysterious new section that appeared on their official site.

Immediately after somebody found it, the hashtag #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection started trending worldwide.

The new section was called ‘Future Events’ and was found on the ‘Tour’ page on

Although the section was completely empty, the 1D fans were convinced that the boys were finally delivering their promise to get back to the stage after their long break.

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One user wrote: “I hope this actually means something and isn’t just getting our hopes up for nothing…”

What’s even more upsetting for them all is that it has now been removed from the site.

Fans are devastated!

Parents even got involved…

One fan even said that Louis Tomlinson promised that they’d reunite.

The boys haven’t officially split, but instead decided to take an extended break after the release of their album Made in the A.M in 2015.

All the lads have been busy doing their own thing, with Harry Styles filming war movie Dunkirk, Louis Tomlinson setting up his own record label and Liam Payne and Niall Horan have signed solo deals.

The bands die-hard fanbase will probably go to any lengths to make sure they never split up!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor