Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong front anti-cosmetic surgery campaign

ED!'s Christian Guiltenane tries to unearth the facts behind the TOWIE girls' bizarre new campaign

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OMG! Who killed Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong?

Er, no one actually. So why the hell are the Essex mannequins lying in coffins? Well, for money, one must assume. The two glam Essex kittens are the faces of a new hard-hitting anti-cosmetic surgery campaign that is trying to highlight the dangers of going under the knife.

Yes, that’s right, Amy Childs, who has previously undergone a boob job, had lip fillers and so on is warning people of the dangers of being surgically enhanced. Er… okay.

In the pics the gals look surprisingly sophisticated laid out in their stylish wooden overcoats and immaculately made up. Amy’s pic is captioned: “Are you dying to be beautiful?”, while Danielle’s says: “The only way is non surgical.”

The only way… see what they did there?

The girls are fronting The Dying to be Beautiful campaign, which is the brain child of non-surgical aesthetic specialists 3D-Lipo! who are keen ‘to highlight the life-threatening risks associated with cosmetic surgery and why the UK should be considering effective non-surgical alternatives’.

Managing Director of 3D-Lipo, Roy Cowley said: “The message of our Dying To Be Beautiful Campaign is very simple, exactly that: You don’t need to die to look great. 3D-lipo offer non-surgical treatments for permanent fat loss and skin tightening which are just as effective as surgical alternatives, if not better and also cost a fraction of the price and pose no risk to your health or life. We’re urging the UK to think before they go under the knife.’

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Er, right. So, less about concern for women risking death in an effort to conform to a certain beauty ideal as it might initially appear, and more about making money from a campaign for another expensive product for women to conform to said pressure…? Hmmm.

Amy recently spoke out about she regretted having cosmetic surgery when she was just 18.

“When I was at school, I had literally no boobs at all, I literally had nothing,” she told Loose Women. “What I really think I should have done is really thought about it and thought: ‘Do you know what Amy, you’re still 18, you are still growing’ – and the person I am now to the person I was when I was 18 is just so, I’m such a different person.’”

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She also said: “I go to colleges now and the girls say: ‘Oh I want my boobs done’ and I say to these girls that you have to really think about it, go to the right surgeon, have a consultation and really think about it. But coming from me to these young girls, I say ‘don’t do it’.”

So, don’t do it, girls.

Kaggie Hyland

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