Piers Morgan brands Sugar Daddies site that matches older men and students “prostitution”

The students claim their parents are proud of them...

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Gobby TV presenter Piers Morgan was not happy when he and Susanna Reid were joined by two university students who use a website that connects them with older men, who pay them in exchange for their company.

Students Holly and Clover appeared on Good Morning Britain, to admit that so-called sugar daddies pay them large amounts of money in order to spend time with them.

When asked why the pair don’t just get normal jobs like other students, the girls said they do it because they money helps pay for their university fees and the men are very respectful.

Holly told Piers: “Personally I feel like lots of jobs, especially the ones I’m qualified for, want girls who are enthusiastic. So it’s the same.”

She also revealed that she can make a large sum of money if an allowance is agreed by the sugar daddy.

At the moment, she is paid monthly, from a guy in his thirties.

She said: “It varies, some I haven’t had an allowance from but currently I’m on £800 a month.

“I see it as a relationship.

“I haven’t been involved with anyone I don’t like or don’t get on with.

“It’s no less immoral than working for a company you don’t agree with.

“I am spending the evening with someone whose company I enjoy.”

Holly continued: “There’s no contract or anything like that. There’s more communication and people clearly state their boundaries.”

Clover agreed, and told the hosts that the most she’s ever earned is £8000 from one client.

Surprisingly, Holly and Clover admitted that their parents had no problem with them being ‘sugar babies’.

Holly said: “My dad doesn’t mind and my parents don’t mind. He’s actually happy that I’m happy.”

Piers slammed the agreement as prostitution, he said: “Neither of you are stupid, you’ve got older guys who wanna be around young girls.

“Where is that different to a conventional escort agency?”

He has got a point…

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A man, who is himself a Sugar Daddy, spoke in contrast to Holly and Clover and admitted that he does use the service with the hope of having sex with the girls that he meets.

He said: “Everyone has their own requirements. I am looking for a sexual arrangement from these relationships.

“I would say over the years [I’ve slept with] about a dozen girls.

“This arrangement is much more like a relationship. With these arrangements there’s no commitment.”

Piers also didn’t hold back when firing questions at the founder of online brand Seeking Arrangement which matches men with mostly younger women.

He slammed: “You’re just a glorified escort agency aren’t you.”

Angela Bermudo, insisted it was an “arranged dating website” yet Piers was not convinced.

He ranted: “Come off it, they are trying to advance them into their beds!”

His grilling divided viewers, with many praising his attitude, while others branded him “rude”.

Angela – who was very persistent – claimed that her older male clients did not sign up to the site for sex.

She said: “There are faster and cheaper ways to do that.

“They are paying for a relationship built on lifestyle and built around the Sugar Baby lifestyle.

“The Sugar Babies and Daddies explain what they are paying for.”

Many fans were not convinced, and praised Piers for telling Angela straight.

One wrote: “Piers Morgan is a genius with putting people on the spot”.

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Another added: “@piersmorgan thanks for cutting through the bs of sugar daddy website “your just a escort agency really” haha!”

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