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Piers Morgan reignites Twitter feud with Dan Walker as he claims he ‘lied’ about BBC departure

Things turned nasty between the two

Piers Morgan has reignited his bitter feud with Dan Walker on Twitter.

The former Good Morning Britain host, who is currently recovering from coronavirus, hit out at the BBC Breakfast star yesterday (July 26).

The spat began as Piers took to social media to share his disappointment over the Tokyo Olympics.

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Piers Morgan hit out at Dan Walker on Twitter (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did Piers Morgan share on Twitter?

He then went on to rant in a series of tweets involving Dan, 44.

Speaking about the Olympics, Piers initially tweeted: “I don’t think Silver and Bronze medals are shameful, but no real champion would ever feel comfortable having one in their trophy cabinet.”

His tweets prompted a backlash, with Gary Lineker responding: “I suspect if you’d ever won a medal, of any description, in sport, you might feel differently.”

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Richard Osman then said: “To be fair he was in second place in the breakfast ratings for years. I mean, in a field of two, but it’s still a silver medal.”

Piers then boasted over his GMB exit, adding: “And then we came 1st, and I left. I believe they call that ‘TV Gold’.”

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Dan, who was quick to have his say.

He shared: “You stormed off set when lanced by your own colleagues. They challenged you because you claimed a woman – who said she had suicidal thoughts – was lying.

“Of course everyone watched but to claim that as a victory? Really? What a strange hill to die on.”

Meanwhile, Piers hit back: “Hi Saint Daniel, I called out Meghan Markle’s disingenuous [bleep], just as I did when Govt ministers spewed it.

Dan lied to the public that he ‘chose’ to leave

“It’s called ‘journalism’ – you should try it sometime, then you wouldn’t keep losing jobs like Football Focus for being such a tedious virtue-signalling twerp!”

He later added: “No, Dan lied to the public that he ‘chose’ to leave – but in fact got told Alex Scott was replacing him. No wonder he supports Princess Pinocchio… both speak with forked tongue!”

Dan Walker Piers Morgan
Piers and Dan have remained rivals for years (Credit: SplashNews.com)

How did fans react?

But it appears some followers are fed up with Piers’ ranting.

One said: “Piers please have a little dignity and switch off Twitter for a while. This is painful to watch even for those who like you.”

Another agreed: “Piers no need to pull out all weapons where not necessary. Calm down.”

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Meanwhile, Piers previously claimed Dan was “fired” from Football Focus earlier this month.

In another Twitter exchange, the GMB star said: “Same way I judged you when you ‘quit’ Football Focus… oh wait, you were fired weren’t you! #awks.”

Dan stepped down from hosting duties on the BBC show in April, after 12 years as the lead presenter.

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