Pregnant Olivia Wilde slams subway drivers for not giving up their seats

The expecting actress is not a fan of New Yorker’s public transportation etiquette

Olivia Wilde is one pregnant lady not to mess with.

The House star took to Twitter on Wednesday to publicly shame subway riders for failing to give up their seats.

Demonstrating stinging sarcasm in her post, the 32-year-old tweeted: ‘NBD, able-bodied (subway emoji) riders who won’t give your seat to a GIANT preggo,’

‘I’ll just stand riiiiight next to your head and pray I go into labor,’ she continued.

Her tweet apparently struck a chord as it garnered over 1000 likes in two hours.

Fans came out in droves to offer tips, while others joined her in venting at New York City subway riders.

‘I’m a big fan of sustained eye contact and repeatedly jostling them with my belly,’ suggested @pregnantwhiner.

@rshifty was a little more aggressive with her suggestion, tweeting ‘Pee on them. When they glare, say “Sorry, pregnant”. Maybe THEN they’ll get the hint??’

However not everyone was so supportive and Olivia couldn’t resist responding to a Twitter user who shared: ‘1. I didn’t tell u to get pregnant 2. Get an Uber (you can afford it) 3. I paid the same amt as you for the subway ride.’

The star replied: ‘1. Eat a bag of d***s. 2. That is all.’

Olivia had just returned from Toronto, where she accompanied partner Jason Sudeikis, 40, to his Colossal premiere.

The actress lives in Brooklyn with Sudeikis and their 2-year-old son Otis.

The transportation operator has recently been pushing passengers to be more courteous to each other through a series of ads on trains.

Clearly these passengers did not take notice.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor