Cheryl sparks baby rumours as mum shops in Mothercare

It looks like all those baby rumours may be true!

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A photo on Twitter has sparked wild speculation about whether we will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet.

There have been rumours that Cheryl is expecting a child with boyfriend Liam Payne for a few weeks now.

So, when her mum was snapped shopping in Mothercare, it seems to have confirmed that the singer is expecting.

Joan Callaghan was seen at the counter buying a pregnancy pillow, which is designed to help with the mother-to-be’s back and bump.

Of course, this has meant that two and two is being put together and adding up to Cheryl and Liam starting a family.

A source has poured cold water on this theory though.

Speaking to Mirror Celeb, they said: “It’s for one of her daughters in Newcastle. Joan does have lots of grandchildren.”

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Neither Cheryl or Liam have spoken about children but a source has spoken to Now Magazine.

They said: “Cheryl’s never been more determined to have a baby.

“It’s like it’s the only thing in the world that matters to her.

“She’s never been so focused on something. Cheryl has a stash of pregnancy and motherhood books she’s always reading.”

The baby fever has been ratcheted up a notch by Cheryl’s ‘fuller’ figure in the new L’Oreal advert, prompting even more speculation.

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She then broke her social media silence by appearing in a pic that shows her sat down in a baggy jumper.

Just when you thought that Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephanie Davis has the most documented pregnancy ever, it looks like Cheryl could be ready to trump her.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor