Olly Murs’ cheeky nudist streak: from football trophies to pineapples

ED!'s Christian Guiltenane gets all Scooby Doo and tries to solve the intriguing mystery

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There’s something strange going on in the world of Olly Murs. His clothes keep disappearing.

Not that we’re complaining, mind.

While he hasn’t exactly got the rippling physique of Nick Jonas, Chris Pratt or even Vladimir Putin, his lean, mean bod is enough to give guys and gals everywhere a wee mid-morning pick-me-up.

And for that we’re grateful!

But why is the talented young fella suddenly posting perky pics of himself in his birthday suit, with just a wee prop to hide his disco stick. Is it purely exhibitionism?

This week he posted a pic of himself at a house party with just a minuscule pineapple to hide his magic wand.

Back in May he used a football trophy as he celebrated a win for Coggeshall Town Football Club.

All very nice and all.

Olly recently admitted that he thinks he might be a naturist (hmm, we can’t wait for an invite round to his for a cuppa!) but let’s not forget that this saucy habit is nothing new and the fella has been whipping his togs off at the drop of a hat since day one.

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If you can remember way back when he released his first single, he brazenly pledged to Heat mag that if fans helped his single get to number one he’d totally strip off for them.

And you know what? He did!

Oh, we do love a fella who sticks to his word.

But what’s he up to?

Is he desperately trying to land a place on MTV’s shag-a-sl*g fest Ex On The Beach, or is he looking to catch the eyes of the boys at Gay Times or Attitude so they can stick him on the cover of their annual Naked issues?

Or is Olly just desperate to keep himself relevant in a world where reality stars are dropping like flies on a regular basis?

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Can I have my pants back please….😂

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We doubt that, as Olly is still one of the most successful singers the UK has to offer.

Maybe it’s just something in his Essex blood that makes him feel uncomfortable in clothes.

Who knows why, but Olly, carry on the good work!

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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