Ross Kemp hints at final EastEnders exit for Grant Mitchell

There is no coming back, not this time

Is it time to say goodbye to Grant Mitchell all over again?

He has made quite an impact during his brief sojourn back to Albert Square but have we now seen the last of the EastEnders legend?

The soap bad boy has been a bit tasty with his fists, to which Ian Beale’s chin can testify to, as well has finding out that he has a secret son.

It seems now though that he could be going back to whence he came as Ross Kemp admits that the show’s producers may be “done with him”.

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This time, the 52-year-old thinks Grant will be gone for good.

He said: “I think they [the bosses] are done with me.

“When they invited me back, it was under an old producer – they’ve not mentioned to me that they want me to go back again.”

Since leaving the BBC soap the first time, Ross has made a career out of visiting dangerous areas of the world for his gritty documentaries.

He isn’t too bothered if Grant is killed off, as this time he feels there will be no going back.

He told Digital Spy: “It was in the back of my mind that when I went back the second time, everyone said I’d suddenly become some kind of worthy individual.

“So I went back to try to play him from the old psychopathic Mitchell that he was and hopefully that will entertain. But it’s not long haul for me.”

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It looks like that further acting roles may be out of the question as Ross wants to continue with his documentary projects, unless something juicy came along.

He said: “If someone offered me a lovely part in a nice drama, I’d do it without a shadow of a doubt.

“As long as it didn’t interrupt my documentary work.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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