Shamesbury’s! Supermarket chain’s customers fuming over meal deal scandal!

So many HANGRY people out there...

Oh dear. Sainsbury’s customers are NOT happy.

From office workers to students, grabbing a £3 meal deal for lunch has been the saving grace of the daily grind, but this has all changed.

The shocking news came from nowhere yesterday, that they have made changes to their lunchtime deal offer – and customers are really miffed.

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Customers were absolutely heartbroken to discover the usual meal deal contenders – including the much-loved posh Taste The Difference ones – were no longer included in the offer, and that a new more basic range of On The Go sandwiches had been introduced.

Oh, they’re really angry.

One hater tweeted: “Hey @sainsburys thanks for ruining Monday with your meal deal changes. A bit of notice would have been nice. #mealdealscandal”

They were heartbroken.

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Of course, most people blamed Brexit, because… why not?

As you might imagine, the Meal Deal Talk Facebook group is ranting and raging at the decision – none of which we can really repeat here though because, well, it’s pretty intense. Check it out for yourself, if you dare.

What’s more, people have now noticed that the supermarket chain has also decided to remove all of the plastic forks from the pasta pots.

It’s all kicked off again! One user wrote: “Dear Sainsburys how are ur pasta’s ‘on the go’ when there’s no fork with them anymore? am I meant to eat with my bare hands like an animal?”

Yup. We’ve all turned into animals. Time to SaiNObury’s, people!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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