‘Seriously drunk’ Brad Pitt ‘pi**ed on the side of the airport,’ eyewitness claims

More explosive details of the Brangelina fight emerge during local radio show

Brad Pitt was so “drunk” during his fight with Angelina Jolie last week that he allegedly relieved himself on the side of the airport, according to a shocking eyewitness account.

Details of the Hollywood star’s alleged bad behaviour were recalled during the Colleen & Bradley radio show on My Talk 107.1 in the US on Friday.

The local station serves the community near International Falls Airport in Minnesota where Brad and Angelina’s private plane jetted into the US from France on September 14.

There have been conflicting reports of what happened between the Pitts and the exact details of the fight that prompted their split and a child abuse probe.

But one listener called into the show to spill details that she gleaned from her friend who works at the airport.

Host Bradley Traynor told the audience on Friday: “All of a sudden, out of the blue yesterday we got a call from a listener – a listener whose significant other was there at the International Falls Airport. A worker at the airport, who has been spilling the beans essentially on what took place.”

His co-host Colleen Lindstrom picked up the story saying that the airport staff knew Brad and Angelina’s plane was on its way. After the private jet landed they could allegedly tell there was trouble between the 52-year-old Fight Club star and the 41-year-old Oscar-winner before the couple even got off the aircraft.

She says: “When the plane landed they could hear the arguing happening on the airplane, on the private jet, before they even opened the door and deplaned.

“The arguing spilled out on to the tarmac, at which point Brad Pitt relieved himself on the tarmac and then he proceeded to get into [a] fuel truck that we did hear about him trying to steal…”

Bradley jumps in and says: “Clearly he was inebriated or under the influence. He was a hot mess.”

According to their source, Brad allegedly backed the fuel truck “into another vehicle that is now damaged.”

None of these details have been reported to the local police but the unidentified listener said they were all true.

During an interview that was released on Saturday she told Colleen how she got the inside scoop on the breakdown of the showbiz marriage.

She says: “A week ago Wednesday, someone I know at the International Falls Airport sent me a text saying Brad and Angelina had come into the country that way and they’re coming in this afternoon. We just got word of it…”

When news of the Brangelina split emerged – along with details of the altercation on their private jet – she reached out to her friend again to ask him if he knew anything about it.

She says: “He said, ‘I can’t believe this came out already but he was seriously drunk. He got out of the plane. He pi**ed on the side of the airport. He hopped into somebody else’s truck. He damaged that truck’.

“And then he said, ‘We could hear them arguing before they even got off the plane’.”

The listener also revealed that Brad and Angelina are not the only celebrities to fly into the US via International Falls Airport.

Explaining how celebs usually fly into the area without even locals knowing, she says: “They call two hours beforehand, say they’re gonna land.

“The guys from the boarder go right out to the airport. They check them in. Check everything out. They fuel up and then they leave. So nobody even knows.”

When it comes to Brad’s alleged drunken antics, she speculated that the actor “might have thrown them some bucks” to allegedly keep it quiet.

She also thought that it’s no surprise that the cops were not called. She said: “My mom and I were laughing. We’re like, all those boys up there they all know the cops so they wouldn’t turn somebody in.

“They wouldn’t. It’s just not their nature. They don’t bug anybody else’s business.

“They weren’t going to call in and say, ‘This guy is screaming at his kids’. They’d just probably talk him back on the plane and let him go.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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