Shamed comedian threatens to Snapchat birth of first child

Please. No.

Yes you read that correctly…

Dapper Laughs is set to pull off his biggest Snapchat vid yet, by filming the birth of his first child.


The comedian, who has caused quite a bit of controversy over the past few years, has opened up about the ‘miracle’ pregnancy, after him and his long-term girlfriend were told that she probably couldn’t have children.

“I’ve had to decide whether to let my fans in on this part of my life. But we discussed it and agreed that we’d introduce that Shelley was pregnant and then take them through the whole process,” he told Daily Star Online.

The 32-year-old cleared up all the details: “I’ll document all the stages of the pregnancy. Then when she’s at home having the contractions, when we go to the hospital, and when she goes into labour and makes all the animal noises. Probably not the actual baby coming out of the vagina, though.”

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Oh phew! We really don’t need to see that.

Nobody wants another Josie Cunningham moment do they?

Dapper, whose real name is Daniel O’Reilly is normally incredibly private and has only shared a handful of snaps of his beautiful other half Shelley.

Apparently, his bezzie Gaz Beadle can’t wait to meet the new dapper babber.

In his column for the Daily Star this week, he also spoke about the funnyman turning ‘from lad to dad’.

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He wrote: “On to better things, great to hear my mate Dapper Laughs is turning from lad to dad when his girlfriend Shelley pops in December. B****y hell, and they’re Snapchatting the birth.

“If Robbie Williams can do it on social media, so can Dapper. Family means a lot to Dan and I am sure he will be a great dad, just as I hope I will be one day.”

Dapper’s wild Snapchat antics with naked women, ‘drugs’ videos, and more have caused a stir for years but maybe it’s time for him to grow up and we’ll see a softer side to him!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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