Sharon Osbourne tells how she was hospitalised following shocking ‘breakdown’

"My brain shut down" tells The X Factor judge

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The X Factor host Sharon Osbourne has told how she was hospitalised following a breakdown that left her unable to talk or eat.

The 63-year-old made the shocking admission on The Talk on Monday.

She revealed how she spent three days in hospital last year and took five weeks off work.

Speaking on the CBS show, Sharon said she had decided to talk about her ordeal because she now has a “good grip” on her condition and is in “control”.

Describing the moment she cracked, Sharon said: “I had a complete and utter breakdown.

“I woke up in Cedars-Sinai hospital and for three days I knew nothing.

“I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk. My brain shut down on me.”

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She explained she had “taken on too much” in her life with managing 67-year-old husband Ozzy’s Black Sabbath tour and travelling the world and her “brain had fused”.

Describing her mind was “like a whirlpool” Sharon told how she couldn’t eat and totally lost her voice.

After three days in hospital her family put her in a facility to be diagnosed, but revealed it took her seven months to find the right medication and a good therapist.

She admitted she felt ‘alone’ but now is thriving with the help of daily meditation.

Sharon told The Talk hostesses Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood that she wanted to speak about her breakdown to help others.

Sharon and rocker Ozzy, who celebrated 34 years of marriage on July 4, split in May over an affair the Black Sabbath frontman had with hairdresser Michelle Pugh.

Ozzy – born John – called it ‘a bump in the road’ and insisted he ‘was back on track again’ on the July 25 episode of Good Morning America.

Sharon spoke of being ‘proud’ that her troubled husband finally admitted his sex addiction after a six-year struggle.

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Talking on an earlier episode of The Talk she said: “He’s [been] going to outpatient for sex addiction for the last three months and after the Black Sabbath tour, he goes into inpatient for three months.

“It’s hard because it affects the whole family and it’s quite embarrassing to talk about.

“Drugs and drinking is more acceptable, but when it’s somebody who has a sex addiction, it’s more embarrassing.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor