Sharon Osbourne speaking on TalkTV show

Sharon Osbourne shares worrying health news as she admits mystery over ‘passing out for 20 minutes’

The star collapsed while filming a spooky TV show with her son

Sharon Osbourne has revealed some health news, saying that while recently filming a gripping TV series, she passed out for “20 minutes”.

What’s more, the 70-year-old says doctors were left baffled and unable to pinpoint a reason for the medical episode.

The Osbournes: Night of Terror features Sharon’s family as they conduct paranormal investigations around American supernatural hotspots.

But while filming an episode last December, the former X Factor judge suddenly became very unwell.

Sharon Osbourne talks to husband Ozzy
Sharon Osbourne and husband Ozzy are big believers in the paranormal (Credit: YouTube)

Shooting near the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California, she fainted and lost consciousness.

She has since detailed the terrifying ordeal. Perhaps, however, the most unnerving aspect of the incident is the doctors’ inability to determine a cause.

Sharon Osbourne health scare

Sharon appeared on Talk TV on Tuesday (Jan 3) as part of a debating panel. While being featured, anchor JJ Anisiobi asked her to explain what had happened while filming her show.

“I wish I could, but I can’t,” she admitted. “It was the weirdest thing. I was doing some filming and suddenly they tell me that I fell…”

“Passed out?” JJ interceded.

Sharon Osbourne on Talk TV panel
Sharon Osbourne told the Talk TV panel about her turbulent time filming her new show (Credit: YouTube)

“Yeah, for 20 minutes,” Sharon then claimed. “I was in hospital. I went to one hospital, they took me to another hospital and I did every test over two days and nobody knows why.”

This shocked JJ and he said: “So, they still don’t know why you passed out?”

To this, Sharon replied simply: “No.”

The star was hospitalised on December 16. On the 20th, she posted her first statement about the incident.

Sharon Osbourne during ET Canada discussion
Sharon has thanked fans for their loyal support after her hospitalisation (Credit: YouTube)

Attaching an adorable photo of her pet husky sat in front of a Christmas tree, Sharon said she was “back home and doing great”. She also thanked her fans for supporting her during this time.

Sharon’s son makes statement

Sharon’s son, Jack, 37, also commented publicly on his mother’s health nightmare.

On Instagram, he tried to set a few things straight. It appears as though misinformation about the ordeal had spread.

“OK here is what I’ll say,” Jack wrote. “First thing’s first, my mother wasn’t filming an episode of Ghost Adventures. She was filming a new episode of Night of Terror with me. Hahaha.

“Now that we have made that clear… She had been given the all-clear from her medical team and is now home.”

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