EastEnders: Stacey and Martin make it official

The reunited lovebirds finally let everyone know they're back together

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They’ve been sneaking around behind everyone’s backs for weeks but Stacey Fowler finally suggests making things official with estranged hubby Martin by him moving back home.

The pair have been romping all over the Square recently (Credit: BBC)

We’re not quite sure how he’s going to fit in at the Slater house with Stacey, Mo, Jean, Hayley and Kat all living there now, as well as Stacey’s three kids.

But Martin is delighted by the suggestion and jumps at the chance to be a proper family again.

But when he tells Sonia the news, adding it’s for the best as him being at Dot’s will only confuse Bex, Sonia tries to hide her disappointment.

Before Sonia gets the chance to tell Bex that Martin will be leaving again, the teen bumps into Mo and Hayley who tell her that Martin stayed with Stacey the previous night.

Will Sonia be able to hide her disappointment? (Credit: BBC)

While she still reels from that, they also let slip that he’s planning on moving back in too!

Bex confronts Martin and he tries to explain but she only has angry words for her dad, will he be able to win her round?

Stacey and Martin split earlier this year after Stacey confessed she’d had a one-night-stand with her ex Max Branning on Christmas Eve.

As she tried to explain to Martin that she was finding domestic life routine and boring, hoping he’d understand, he flipped out and threw her out of their home.

Bex isn’t delighted about Martin moving out (Credit: BBC)

Stacey then fled the Square with her children, but returned determined to make Martin pay for treating her so badly.

She enlisted the help of the other Slater women to get Martin out of the house while she and the kids moved back in.

Despite being at loggerheads for months, the pair recently realised they still love each other and began seeing each other secretly, enjoying romps in some bizarre locations including the allotment shed and Martin’s van.

But with Max now back on the scene and only married to Rainie to get custody of baby Abi, how long will it be before they are drawn to each other once again?

Stacey and Martin’s reunion should please fans of the couple who have been frustrated at writers for ruining their relationship.

They’ve been vocal on social media about wanting the much-loved couple back together and playing happy families again.

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