Steven Gerrard posts cute pic of baby son with doting daughters – alongside ill-advised comment!

He's brave - and stupid!

There’s nothing cuter than a big burly fella getting all cutesy over his children.

And footballer Steven Gerrard has managed to warm our hearts by posting a picture of his daughters cradling his new son Lio.

The former Liverpool star offered his thousands of fans a cheeky little glimpse of life in the Gerrard household as his adorable daughters doted on their new sibling.

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In the heartwarming picture, daughters Lilly-Ella, 13, Lexie, 11, and Lourdes, 5, can be seen crowded around the baby and gazing at him with love.

However, when it came to captioning the snap he made a comment that made some of his female fans see red.

“Looks like his ironing and washing is sorted when he gets older.”

Oh  Steven, what a thing to say in this day and age. We’re sure that Lio and yourself can help around the house too!

But just this once we’ll forgive you because you are such a devoted dad.

Since Lio was born in April, Steven has been busy documenting his first few weeks of life and posting lots of beautiful pictures on social media.

When he posted his first picture shortly after the birth, fans were fast to point out that the wee mite bore a strong resemblance to his dad.

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Having a son came as big and very welcome surprise to Steven, who had yearned so long to have a son.

Alex revealed last year that Steven had long held  high hopes of a Mini Me, revealing:  “I know Steven has said before he would like one, but the chances of us having one is slim with having three girls.

“He laughs and says he can’t risk [having another daughter] – it’s going to cost him a fortune in weddings if we have another girl!”

Lio’s birth came four years after Alex said the thought of having another baby “scared her”.

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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