‘Stop with the negativity!’ Hilaria Baldwin slams Instagram haters

Alec Baldwin’s yoga teacher wife shamed for working out so soon after third baby

Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria is hitting back at people who are criticising her for exercising less than two weeks after having her third child.

On September 12 the yoga teacher gave birth to her son Leonardo – her third baby with the 30 Rock actor.

But some of her Instagram fans were shocked when she posted a video of herself stretching before working out on Friday. Thirty-two-year-old Hilaria wrote: “Pre-run stretch!! Sound up!!”

While many people posted positive responses some were just rude and very critical of her actions.

One person wrote: “Wouldn’t suggest running that early after giving birth to ANYONE… Fit or not.

“Doesn’t seem logical. Calm down you have time to loose [sic] the weight without going crazy.”

Another person wrote: “Running? Are you crazy? Your uterus is going to prolapse.”

Hilaria was not impressed and wrote a lengthy note in her own defence, which she snapped and posted on Instagram. The yoga teacher wrote: “Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different.

“My pregnancy, birth, and recovery is between ME AND MY DOCTOR. As yours should be.”

Hilaria – who already has three-year-old Carmen and 14-month-old Rafael with Alec – added: “Fitness is my job…which means my body is accustomed to working out.

“I ran through much of my pregnancy and worked out throughout the entirety of it.

“I take these videos and show you these health tips simply as a window into what I do so I can help you in any health journey you are embarking on.”

She goes on to say: “So please: stop with the negativity about me just having a baby. I don’t want to sit down, lay down and do nothing.

“That’s not what my body is telling me it wants and needs.”

In a comment alongside the photographed note, Hilaria told her critics: “Now, if you want to work out with me…wonderful!

“It not, just enjoy my other crazy pics…and if nothing appeals to you, unfollow.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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