You swine! Jeremy Kyle guest tells wife: ‘Get rid of the pet pigs or I’m leaving you…’

Guess who ended up sausage meat...

A woman has two 24-stone pigs living in her marital home, but her husband has had enough.

David has reached his limit and is fed up with the pigs hogging all the room, and told Jeremy Kyle he has given wife Janey an ultimatum.

The pigs or him.

But will Janey go bacon his heart?

Pig women on Jeremy Kyle
Dave feels the pigs are put first

Any normal person would pick their lover in a heartbeat, but Dave’s demand had shocking re-pork-cussions and Janey explained she’d rather send Dave on his way than send the pigs to the butchers.

When Janey first purchased micro pig Mica, she used to carry her in her handbag, but then she got bigger and bigger…

So she decided to buy Molly to keep her company – as you do!

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Pig women on Jeremy Kyle
Janey even cuddles the pigs in the evening

Dave also told Jezza, that Janey dresses her ‘girls’ up in tutus, paints and clips their nails which costs a whopping £180 per pig.

Oh lardy!

Jane told Jez: “Nothing is wrong with me Jeremy. They’re my girls. I didn’t know they were gonna get to 24 stone did I.”

Pig women on Jeremy Kyle
The animals are always in the house when Janey is home

Jez squealed that it’s mental to have the animals living inside their house, because they must stink, but Janey continued to defend them: “No they don’t, they smell of coconut lotion.

“You will want one when you meet them. I’m pig-ternal, it’s a word I’ve made up.”

Jeremy tried to convince Dave to put his trotter down, but Janey wasn’t having any of it.

Jez asked: “Would you leave him if he put his foot down?”

Pig women on Jeremy Kyle
Jez’s face was a picture when he saw the pig’s nail varnish

Janey shocked the audience as she confessed she would give Dave the pork chop: “No, he’d be out the door, I need the house for the pigs.

“The girls mean everything to me, they’re beautiful. I haven’t got children, these are my girls, these are my children.

“I love them.”

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Pig women on Jeremy Kyle
Jane admitted she’d pick the pigs over Dave, ouch!

Dave was adamant that Janey would not choose her girls over him, but at the end of the segment he didn’t look too sure.

JK hurried the show along by telling them: “Are you putting up with this mate, I’ve got to rush off and have a bacon sandwich.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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