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Claudia Winkleman admits school kids ‘missed their train’ to watch The Piano: ‘They all sat on the floor in the station’

The Piano final airs on June 9

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The Traitors star Claudia Winkleman – whose show, The Piano is on Sunday (June 9) – has made a shocking confession about her TV career – and her children.

Claudia made the admissions during a screening for the Piano in February, which ED! was invited along to.

Claudia Winkleman on The Piano
Claudia is back with The Piano (Credit: Channel 4)

Claudia Winkleman talks The Piano

During the screening ED! attended, Traitors star Claudia opened up about The Piano, as well as her career in TV in general.

Speaking about the show, Claudia revealed how the show went from being a one-off to returning for a second season.

“We all assumed it was a one-off so we met, we fell in love, we did this lovely snow globe of a magical show and I always think it’s extremely nice to know you’re only doing something once. Like you go out and you eat somewhere special and go I’m never going to come here again. Richard called me after the first series, after the first series did well, and said: ‘You know what we said about doing it once? I think we might do it again.’ I was like, okay. We love it so we were like, okay,” she said.

Strictly star Claudia also revealed that her favourite moments are when people miss trains on purpose to watch the performances.

“My favourite is when someone misses a train on purpose and that’s happened a few times,” she said.

Claudia Winkleman during a podcast
Claudia has gushed over the show (Credit: S:E Creative Studio / YouTube)

‘You never want to take it for granted’

She then continued: “It happened in series 1 and it happened in series 2. In Glasgow there was two teachers and a whole gang of kids going on a school trip. I think it was the third or fourth person in and she turned to me and went, nah, we’ll get the next one.

“They called the school and said tell the parents we’ll be 15 minutes late back to pick them up. Then they all sat on the floor in the station and ate their packed lunch.”

She also confessed she was surprised at the reaction to the first season.

“You never want to take it for granted and you also never know. So we knew that something really extraordinary happened in Leeds when Lucy came,” she said.

“We knew that in Glasgow, we went to some amazing places, there were some moments, like where people don’t get a train, where you know that it’s not nothing, but you don’t want to take it for granted. I think I was blown away by the reaction.”

Claudia Winkleman on This Morning
The star is glad she still has her jobs (Credit: ITV)

The Piano host Claudia Winkleman makes shock confession

Claudia also told ED! about “lucky” she feels to work on both The Traitors and The Piano.

“I’m incredibly lucky that I get to do both, and I’m waiting to be told that I’ve been fired from both, but until then I really love it,” she said.

“It could not be more different. But the minute I’m in a Piano station I feel warm and cuddly. Then the minute I arrive at Inverness station I am less cuddly,” she confessed.

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The Piano airs Sunday June 9 at 9pm on Channel 4. 

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