Jeremy Stansfield on Bang Goes The Theory on the BBC

TV presenter Jeremy Stansfield wins £1.6million damages against the BBC after injury claim

Injured during 'crash test'

TV presenter Jeremy Stansfield has won £1.6million in damages after a legal fight with the BBC.

Jeremy was injured after taking part in ‘crash tests’ during the BBC series Bang Goes The Theory.

Jeremy Stansfield on Bang Goes The Theory on the BBC
Jeremy on BBC show Bang Goes The Theory (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Jeremy Stansfield on Bang Goes The Theory?

In court, Mr Stansfield said that he injured his spine and brain during the ‘crash tests’ in a specially designed rig on the show in 2013.

He claimed that he lost up to £30million in future earnings.

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The BBC, however, had disputed his claims.

Mrs Justice Yip delivered her verdict today (Friday October 1) after a trial earlier this year.

Jeremy Stansfield on Bang Goes The Theory on the BBC
Jeremy being a ‘crash test dummy’ on the show (Credit: BBC)

What the judge said about the Jeremy Stansfield case

The judge said: “I have found that the claimant was caused injury to his brain, spine and audio-vestibular system in the crash tests.

“While none of the physical injuries were particularly severe, the combined effect together with a psychiatric reaction have caused a constellation of symptoms and problems which have produced a significant impairment in the claimant’s functioning.

“The effect has been to derail the claimant’s successful career in television as well as to restrict his enjoyment of life more generally.”

Liz Bonnin co-presented Bang Goes The Theory with Jeremy Stansfield
Liz Bonnin was a co-presenter (Credit: BBC)

Jeremy Stansfield: What was Bang Goes The Theory all about?

Bang Goes The Theory aired on BBC One from 2009 to 2014, and alongside Jeremy Stansfield – known as Jem Stansfield – was Liz Bonnin, Dallas Campbell and Dr Yan Wong.

Maggie Philbin replaced Dallas from series seven onwards.

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The show took a hands-on approach to testing our scientific theories and how science shapes our world.

This hands-on approach saw Jem and Liz often taking part in demonstrations and challenges.

In a clip on YouTube, Jeremy Stansfield was seen taking part in crash test dummy tests.

Slow Motion Car Crash Experiment | Bang Goes The Theory | BBC

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