TV presenter SUING ITV’s Splash over ‘life-changing’ injury

He can no longer walk properly

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The ITV reality show was supposed to be a fun experience for Rav Wilding but it didn’t turn out the way he’d hoped.

The former Crimewatch presenter  is suing the production company behind Splash!, saying an injury he suffered while training for the diving show has derailed his career.

The ex-Strictly contestant said he had to cancel his wedding and has now put his home on the market because of the accident, which occurred in pre-show training in 2013.

Rav, 38, underwent surgery after snapping the hamstring tendons in his left leg during a somersault dive on the third session of training for the now defunct  show. He also suffered a pulmonary embolism.

His injuries meant he did not appear on the diving show, which was made by production company Twofour.

Rav now has one leg shorter than the other and cannot walk or stand without pain; he needs a lift in his shoe to walk properly and has been told he will never be able to run or play rugby again.

Rav called the injury an “absolute nightmare” which has impacted on his fitness and career.

“I used to play rugby every week, go running, and, having been in the Army and a police officer in the past, my fitness was pretty high.

“I used to get active jobs based on my fitness, but now I can’t do those things, the opportunities aren’t really there any more, so it’s changed the entire course of my career. I’m still in pain every day. It has turned my world upside down.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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