UNFOLLOW! Jeremy McConnell branded shallow by fans after ‘ridiculous’ Oxfam tweet

The Irish model proves why he shouldn't be on social media

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Former Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell has scored a shocking own goal.

He has managed to alienate swathes of his fans with a very ill-judged post on Twitter, which has caused consternation with many.

A particularly attractive woman had caught his eye but Jez then shared his dismay that she had walked in to a charity shop.

According to Jeremy, that is a big turn-off and he thought he would take to Twitter to tell the world.

The tweet’s now been deleted but it read: “Just saw a 10 walk into Oxfam, she’s a 4 now like.”

Lol? Not much. The very uncharitable ‘joke’ shocked Jezza’s fans who branded the tattooed model ‘shallow’.

One said: “What a disgusting thing to say” and more said they were going to unfollow him.

The 26-year-old deleted the tweet and then claimed that he didn’t write it only to delete that Tweet as well.

But the damage was done with fans still reacting badly to the first post. One wrote: “Oh dear. Unfollowed.”

While another wrote: “What a moron, she’s gone down in your estimation because she helps a charity that helps feed starving children?”

The gaffe doesn’t seem to have dented Jeremy’s following too much though.

He still has nearly 400,000 thousand people waiting on his every word on Twitter.

Jezza hasn’t been saying much on social media lately, as his Celerity Big Brother ex, Stephanie Davis, gets closer to her due date.

Jeremy has always denied the baby is his.

Stephanie claims she fell pregnant during their holiday together in Cape Verde. They split soon after.

Perhaps the spark died after Jeremy caught Steph in a charity shop?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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