Viewers OUTRAGED as Piers Morgan threatens to kill cat of remorseless 12-year-old trophy hunter

The killing of innocent animals certainly got the hackles up of viewers

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What a way to start the week!

Good Morning Britain viewers were outraged with the appearance of a 12-year-old trophy hunter that showed no remorse for killing the big game animals.

From giraffes to zebras, Aryanna Gourdin proudly poses with her kills and sees nothing wrong with what she’s done.

GMB presenter Piers Morgan led the nation’s disgust at her actions, after she appeared on the ITV breakfast news show with her dad Eli.


Speaking to the pair live on the show, Piers soon became riled by their attitude.

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He confronted the pair and asked what would they think if he hunted down and killed their pet cat.

Piers said: “You have a lovely little cat, how would you feel if I came to your house one day and I hunted down your pet cat and I killed it and I then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat.”

Eli responded that this was a different situation: “I think that’s a trick question… because a giraffe’s not a pet… Most hunters don’t kill pets… We would never think to go out and kill somebody’s pet.”

Aryanna added: “I’m not allowed to have pets because I hunt?… ”

Twitter was set alight by viewers reaction to bloodthirsty Aryanna…

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They slated the 12-year-old for a ‘shameful’ attitude and praised Piers for his cat killing comment.

Aryanna was pulled over the coals on social media for appearing ‘brainwashed’ and was labelled a ‘smug brat’.

What do you think to her behaviour and attitude?

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor