‘Welcome to our wedding website!’ Jagger’s girlfriend and her plans to marry someone else

She still has the details of her cancelled nuptials online.

She’s having his baby and has been his unofficial girlfriend for two years.

But Melanie Hamrick – the mum-to-be of Mick Jagger’s eighth child – still has the details of her cancelled wedding to her former fiancé, online.

The New York Post revealed that the 30-year-old’s registry for her March 15, 2013 destination wedding to her ex, José Carreño, is still up and running.

It’s even keeping a time log and above a picture of the former couple smiling and hugging it says they’ve been “newlyweds for 1,276 days.”

Yet in July 73-year-old Mick confirmed rumours that the New York-based ballerina is having his child.

And while the Post says smitten Melanie is reportedly telling pals that when she is with Mick “it’s always like a honeymoon,” his friends claim he has mixed emotions about becoming a dad again.

An insider told the newspaper: “He hasn’t responded to people sending him congratulations.

“Family is extremely important to him, and he is unhappy at the thought that when he should be teaching his kid to play catch, he’ll be 80-yers-old.”

The Rolling Stone already has seven children from previous relationships, whose ages range from 17 to 45.

Melanie and Mick’s unconventional relationship reportedly began shortly after they met in Japan in February 2014 while the Rolling Stones were on tour, as was the American Ballet Theatre.

A month later Mick’s long-term girlfriend, designer L’Wren Scott committed suicide in their New York apartment.

Within months the rocker stunned fans when paparazzi snapped his new, younger flame, nuzzling his neck on the balcony of his hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland.

It’s now been two years since their relationship has been out in the open but, bizarrely, Melanie’s website for wedding to fellow ballet dancer José is still up.

The homepage says: “Welcome to our wedding website.”

Meanwhile inside there are details about their planned sunset beach wedding in Mexico, including the fact they hoped their guests would be staying at the Royal Playa del Carmen spa and resort.

Melanie and Jose had been together for six years before they split, shortly before she met Mick.

Now, three years after they should have married, her life has taken a completely different direction.

While Mick has reportedly not officially introduced Melanie to his friends as his girlfriend – and doesn’t plan to live with her – according to the Daily Mirror he has allegedly agreed to support their child, pay her $15 million and buy her a house.

As for the mum-to-be, she is planning to return to the stage once she gives birth.

Three weeks ago, she posted a photo of her leg on Instagram. She was wearing a ballet shoe.

She wrote: “Keeping up with my leg and feet exercises for when I get back to work!!”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor