Freddie Fox portrayed Jeremy Bamber in ITV1's White House Farm (Credit: ITV1)

White House Farm: Viewers give their verdict on ‘powerful’ finale

Jeremy finally got his day in court

Viewers praised the final episode of White House Farm as they finally saw Jeremy Bamber receive his day in court for the murder of three generations of his family in an Essex farm house in 1985.

Although many already knew that Jeremy, played by Freddie Fox, would be found guilty, they praised the suspense which has built up over the previous five episodes.

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In the series, viewers saw Jeremy’s girlfriend Julie Mugford (Alexa Davies) give crucial evidence against him (Credit: ITV)

At the end of the last episode, Jeremy’s girlfriend Julie Mugford had gone to police and told them she believed he was the mastermind behind the murders of his mother, father, sister and nephews.

But he began this episode relaxing in St Tropez, seemingly destined to escape prosecution. It was the continuation of a party lifestyle since the death of his family which had raised eyebrows with some of the characters.

Yet finally he was arrested and faced trail for the crimes, thanks in no small part to the perseverance of Detective Stan Jones, played by Mark Addy.

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Jeremy Bamber (Freddie Fox) is finally seen in the dock for the murder of three generations of his family (Credit: ITV)

On Twitter, many viewers noted that White House Farm kept them guessing even though they knew what the outcome was since it was based on a true story.

Charlie Banks, a former police officer who advised the show, wrote: “The genius of #WhiteHouseFarm is.. even though we know the outcome of the trial, we are still in suspense.”

As the episode finished, two photographs showing the family members who lost their lives – Sheila Caffell and her twin six-year-old sons Daniel and Nicholas, and Sheila’s parents Nevill and June Bamber – showed on the screen.

One viewer wrote: “Those two photographs at the end of #whitehousefarm delivered the most powerful moment of the entire series.

Detective Stan Jones, (Mark Addy) is in court along with other officers to see Jeremy Bamber get found guilty (Credit: ITV)

During the series, actor Stephen Graham who played DCI “Taff” Jones received some criticism for his Welsh accent.

But viewers rushed to praise Mark Addy, who played Detective Stan Jones, who never believed from the start that the case was a murder-suicide with Sheila the one to blame.

One viewer tweeted: “Don’t get me wrong, Stephen Graham is a fantastic actor but the series has to go to Mark Addy – absolutely marvellous performance.”

Freddie Fox also got plaudits for his turn as the sinister Bamber. Another tweeted: “What a performance, Freddie Fox was spell binding as Jeremy Bamber, blood curdling, emotionless, cold, utterly compelling, he had me hooked for six weeks, big shout out to Mark Addy who was believable as Stan Jones.”

Some did criticise White House Farm for being too long, however. One tweeted: “The importance of the trial notwithstanding, #WhiteHouseFarm seems an episode too long. Some very good acting though.”

While another said: “Should have been 4 eps.”

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