Jeremy Kyle show trolls attack heroin addict guest’s appearance

Tara has been addicted to heroin for 20 years

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There’s no easier target for trolls than The Jeremy Kyle Show and the keyboard warriors really stuck the boot in when an embattled heroin addict appeared on the programme.

Tara, 35, had been brought on the ITV show by her worried mother, Mary, who explained her daughter had been a drug abuser from the age of eight, when she began sniffing gas.

She graduated onto cocaine and heroin; by the age of 15, she was selling her body to fund her habit.

While Mary revealed the heart-breaking extent of Tara’s problems, revealing she was so frightened she would soon die that she’d picked out on the coffin, cruel viewers mocked the troubled woman’s appearance.

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“If I had to pay for sex off that I’d ask for my money back,” one posted on Twitter.

Another said: “OMG who would pay for sex with that? You’d have to have a Zombie fetish.”

Tara confided to Jeremy that she had been beaten up and gang-raped as she turned tricks to pay for her fixes.

Mum Mary revealed that she had also been stealing jewellery from her and begging for cash.


The prostitute was placed on a 12-week rehab programme, although the show’s Twitter account stated she had not completed the treatment.

The tweet read: “Despite leaving rehab after three weeks, Tara says she is now living a drug free life. We wish her all the best for her future.”

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Some sympathetic viewers were distressed by Tara’s plight.

One wrote: “Please help that girl Jezza, I find it really sad.”

Another added: “As someone who has lost family members to drugs, today’s #jeremykyle show is heartbreaking.”

Kaggie Hyland

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