Woman claims she cannot work as she has to walk the dog

Those dogs don't walk themselves

There have been some excuses for dodging work but it seems that The Jeremy Kyle Show has literally taken the [dog] biscuit.

Michelle doesn’t have a job and is happy to see her life out on benefits.

It is not that she cannot work or is incapacitated in any way.

No, Michelle cannot work because she has to “walk the dog”.

Naturally, there was outrage as host Jeremy Kyle and viewers at home couldn’t believe their ears.

A stunned Jeremy joked: “There’s a new benefit coming ‘dog seekers’ allowance’.”

Viewers were in stitches too as they lapped up Jezza’s dog-eared jibe.

This had slightly derailed the real reason that Michelle was on the show.

She had been brought there by daughter Jody, who wanted her mother to stay out of her relationship.

Jody claimed that Michelle was “obsessed” with her boyfriend Luke.

She even said that she thought Michelle listened in to them having sex.

Luke also pitched in to the debate, saying: “[When I was] Walking out of the living room she pulled [my pants] down. I just want her out of our lives!”

He ordered Michelle to stay out of their lives.

It seems that this has actually happened too.

According to The Jeremy Kyle Show’s Twitter page, they no longer have contact with Michelle.

No doubt, she is spending her time walking the dog.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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