Woman writes message to boyfriend on a POTATO… people love it

Can you see the ap-peel?

It’s not unusual for lovers to leave romantic little notes for each other, but have you ever had one written out on a potato?

No, us either, but it appears everyone would kind of like it.

One star-crossed young lover wrote a soppy message for her boyfriend on a big spud and the internet LOVED IT.

“I don’t want to set the world on fire,” it said. “I just want to start a flame in your heart.”

The lady messenger could so easily have been given a, um, roasting, but proved a proper smash, when her boyfriend shared the gift on Reddit.

“Checked in the mail one day and there it was,” he revealed, alongside two shots of the tatty. “Laughed pretty damn hard, definitely a first for me.”

Lucky he took it so well, or his girlfriend could have ended up with a right chip on her shoulder.

On further delving, ED! has discovered that penning notes on potatoes is a bit of a thing.

There is an actual online business that delivers spuds engraved with messages.

Alex Craig owns of engraved potato-delivery service – see, it’s a THING – Potato Parcel.

“I wanted to change the way we communicated with each other in a brand new way by allowing people to send an anonymous message … on a potato,” he asserts. “There are so many apps and new technologies that are trying to revolutionise communication and I wanted to do it in a much simpler way.”

You don’t get much simpler than pot-ay-toes!!

Kaggie Hyland